Published November 9, 2017



“You are the eyes, the hands & the feet of Christ now.” – Bishop Douglas Crosby

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, the Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation (HCCEF) hosted its 7th Annual Evening with Bishop Crosby at Le Dome Banquet Hall in Oakville. The evening featured a keynote address by His Excellency, Douglas Crosby, Bishop of Hamilton to over 450 guests.

“Today is All Saints Day, and we are doing something saintly by gathering this evening, and by supporting a very worthy organization.” stated Bishop Crosby. All proceeds support the HCCEF Student Guardian Program which helps Halton students in need.

Marc Clare, executive director of HCCEF, addressed the audience; “Congratulations on helping Halton students and families in need! Thank you for making a difference in the life of a young student”.

Clare introduced a short video highlighting the impact of the Student Guardian Program. During the video, Anne Marie Duguay (HCDSB Social Worker) shared a story about a student whose family received assistance. This family was on the verge of being evicted close to Christmas, “Once the child’s home life was more stable, she was able to learn. So this child with a mild intellectual delay is now working towards her high school diploma, which has changed her life and her life trajectory incredibly.”

Josey Guerin, HCDSB Principal, also shared during the video, “I think that who we are as a Catholic Community, is we are a people who help others when they are in need.”  “Through the program, we were able to allow those children to belong in the community, and participate in events, and help with their self-esteem.”

Schools will identify a student in need, and the school Principal will complete an application to the HCCEF Student Guardian Program. The program has helped over 400 students in need over the past 3 years, and the number of students has almost doubled just in the past year.

This year’s event raised over $25,000, with $144,000 being raised for the students in need over the seven years of the dinner.

Bishop Crosby finished his address by urging guests, “To know Him is to love Him. So know Him, learn about Him, love Him, proclaim Him, and do good”.

Thank you to all the kind people who supported this year’s event.

        Photos from the event can be viewed here


        Impact of the HCCEF Student Guardian Program – Video.